A Serial Case
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Original airdate: September 11, 2015
Episode chronology
Previous episode: The Darkest Night
Next episode: The Back Room


Casey and Alicia travel to Clearfield, Utah to investigate a serial rapist. Bringing together an unprecedented multi-jurisdictional task force, they develop a terrifying profile of a merciless criminal and uncover new evidence.


  • Casey Garrett as Former Prosecutor Casey Garrett
  • Alicia O'Neill as Former Prosecutor Alicia O'Neill
  • Tom McDevitt as Sex Crimes Investigator Tom McDevitt
  • Sergeant Kyle Jeffries (Clearfield Police Department)
  • Lieutenant Alex Davis (Layton Police Department)
  • Detective Travis Gerfen (Ogden Police Department)
  • Lieutenant Casey Warren (Riverdale Police Department)
  • Detective Brandon Peterson (Riverdale Police Department)
  • Sergeant Tim Robinson (Rock Springs Police Department)
  • Sergeant Bob Thompson (Davis County Sheriff's Office)


  • Riverdale, Ogden, Layton & Clearfield, Utah
  • Rock Springs & Laramie, Wyoming


# Date Name Age Location
1 June 10, 1991 Jennifer 14 Rock Springs, WY
2 May 5, 1992 Nichole 11 Riverdale, UT
3 July 26, 1993 Jane 51 Ogden, UT
4 February 13, 1994 Katy 24 Clearfield, UT
5 March 12, 1995 Peggie 52 Clearfield, UT
6 May 19, 1996 Jan 29 Laramie, WY
7 July 1, 1997 Kristen 22 Layton, UT
8 September 3, 1997 Angela 18 Clearfield, UT
9 July 21, 2000 Tammy 29 Clearfield, UT
10 May 22, 2001 Rosanna 19 Clearfield, UT


  • Mark Douglas Burns - charged with eight counts of aggravated sexual assault, six of aggravated kidnapping, two of aggravated burglary and one of aggravated robbery. All of the charges are first-degree felonies. He was sentenced to 14 sentences of 16 years to life and three sentences of six years to life, all to be served consecutively. All together, the sentences add up to 242 years.

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