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Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (Season 1)
Episodes: 10
Network: TNT
Original run: July 31, 2015 - September 25, 2015
Season chronology
Next season: Cancelled
98% Of Sex Offenders Walk Free
That's About To Change.

–Cold Justice: Sex Crimes Season 1 tagline

Cold Justice: Sex Crimes season 1 premiered on July 31, 2015 and concluded on September 25, 2015 on TNT.

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Image Episode Summary Airdate
SC0101.jpg 1.01 (#1.)
The Music Teacher
Casey and Alicia travel to Leon County to find the person who brutally attacked a retired music teacher, who is well-respected in the community. July 31, 2015
SC0102.jpg 1.02 (#2.)
A Very Public Place
Casey and Alicia try to help the Lake Charles Police Department solve two cases where the women were sexually assaulted in public places. August 7, 2015
SC0103.jpg 1.03 (#3.)
And Justice for Flint, Part 1
Casey and Alicia head to Flint, Mich., to work closely with the Flint Police Department officers to track down a violent rapist who terrorized a family and another who lured his victim into his home. August 14, 2015
SC0104.jpg 1.04 (#4.)
And Justice for Flint, Part 2
Casey and Alicia are back in Flint, continuing to work the city's cold cases - including a young girl whose online meeting turned into a real world nightmare after a chilling assault. August 21, 2015
SC0105.jpg 1.05 (#5.)
On Sacred Ground
A 17-year-old unsolved investigation into the rape of a teacher on an elementary school campus has hit a dead end. Casey and Alicia re-open the case files, and they uncover new leads that hopefully can put the man responsible behind bars. August 28, 2015
SC0106.jpg 1.06 (#6.)
The Darkest Night
Casey and Alicia must build the case against an uncooperative suspect and try to locate the one witness who can confirm the story of a young woman who was abducted and raped at gunpoint 23 years ago. September 4, 2015
SC0107.jpg 1.07 (#7.)
A Serial Case
Casey and Alicia travel to Clearfield, Utah to investigate a serial rapist. Bringing together an unprecedented multi-jurisdictional task force, they develop a terrifying profile of a merciless criminal and uncover new evidence. September 11, 2015
SC0108.jpg 1.08 (#8.)
The Back Room
A young woman accuses two acquaintances of sexually assaulting her in the back room of a Salt Lake City hookah lounge, but a family tragedy stops her from pressing charges. Three years later, she bravely comes forward to seek justice. September 18, 2015
SC0109.jpg 1.09 (#9.)
A Case Not Forgotten
A split decision to hitch a ride on a cold snowy day 20 years ago has haunted a young woman's life. Casey and Alicia head to Ogden, Utah, to help the brave survivor come forward and try to track down the man responsible. September 25, 2015
SC0110.jpg 1.10 (#10.)
Lost in the Footprints
Casey and Alicia head to Kodiak, Alaska where a young woman, who was eight months pregnant, was held at gunpoint. She was attacked viciously and raped at her home. September 25, 2015

Cold Justice: Sex Crimes
Episodes The Music TeacherA Very Public PlaceAnd Justice for Flint, Part 1And Justice for Flint, Part 2On Sacred GroundThe Darkest NightA Serial CaseThe Back RoomA Case Not ForgottenLost in the Footprints
Cast Casey GarrettAlicia O'Neill