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Criminal Confessions (Season 2)
Episodes: 12
Network: Oxygen
Original run: October 13, 2018 - December 22, 2018
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Secrets Never Stay Hidden.

–Criminal Confessions Season 2 tagline

Criminal Confessions season 2 premiered on October 13, 2018 and concluded on December 22, 2018 on Oxygen.



Image Episode Summary Airdate
CC0201.jpg 2.01 (#13)
Mountain City, TN
A gruesome execution style double murder of a young couple shakes a small mountain community in Eastern Tennessee. With no evidence or DNA left at the crime scene, police rely on the rumor mill and their instincts to try and identify suspects. October 13, 2018
CC0202.jpg 2.02 (#14)
Largo, FL
A kind hearted single mother is found brutally murdered, inside her own home. Three potential suspects quickly arise, all claiming innocence, and it's up to the Largo Police detectives to find out who is the cold blooded killer. October 13, 2018
CC0203.jpg 2.03 (#15)
Belmont County, OH
A homicide of a beloved young coal miner sends shockwaves through a conservative mining community. As multiple suspects arise, detectives try to determine if the killing was a robbery gone wrong, a crime of passion, or possibly a hate crime. October 20, 2018
CC0204.jpg 2.04 (#16)
Marion County, FL
Devoted mother of two, Heather Strong, disappears leaving her two children with her estranged husband, Josh. As Josh becomes an obvious suspect, an unlikely and sinister offender emerges. October 27, 2018
CC0205.jpg 2.05 (#17)
Jackson County, WI
A community bands together to search for a missing woman. Police are unable to solve the case until they speak to her husband's close friend and learn some startling information. November 3, 2018
CC0206.jpg 2.06 (#18)
Midland, TX
Kathy Lujan, a married mother of two young boys, is believed to have run away with one of her lovers. Detective Rosie Rodriguez chases a trail of evidence and suspects that reveal the truth about Kathy's whereabouts. November 10, 2018
CC0207.jpg 2.07 (#19)
Palestine, TX
When a woman discovers the bludgeoned body of her nephew, investigators must unravel the events that led to his demise. With three viable suspects, it takes about a year to crack the case using the smallest piece of DNA evidence from the crime scene. November 17, 2018
CC0208.jpg 2.08 (#20)
King County, WA
In one of the largest and longest manhunts in the U.S., authorities finally identify the prolific Green River Killer. But now it's a cat and mouse game, as they try to get inside his mind, so he'll lead them to the remains of other missing women. November 24, 2018
CC0209.jpg 2.09 (#21)
Renton, WA
A popular 17-year-old high school senior suddenly goes missing. A year later, a witness comes forward claiming he knows who's responsible for her disappearance. Detectives must unravel a web of lies in order to learn the truth. December 1, 2018
CC0210.jpg 2.10 (#22)
Tazewell, VA
A hardworking Virginia couple closes up Pizza Plus on the eve of their anniversary, when they are both brutally murdered. The investigation into their slaying goes cold until detectives find the most unlikely of suspects. December 8, 2018
CC0211.jpg 2.11 (#23)
Canton, PA
When a woman is found dead in her home, police aren't sure if it's an accident or a murder until they get an unexpected call, from an unexpected person. December 15, 2018
CC0212.jpg 2.12 (#24)
Grove City, OH
After the naked body of an Ohio State Senior is found, investigators bring in a suspect for questioning. They play a dangerous game of give and take hoping to get the truth and bring justice to the victim and her family. December 22, 2018

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