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High School Sweethearts
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Original airdate: January 31, 2014
Episode chronology
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Charlie and Kathy Hayes were born and raised in La Porte, Texas, a small town outside Houston. They dated throughout high school, but after graduation, they went their separate ways. One day, many years later, the two spotted each other while stopped at a red light in La Porte's town center. They resumed their romance soon after and eventually got married. Music was a big part of both their lives, and after they moved in together, Charlie converted their garage into a music studio where their Southern rock-and-roll band would practice. Charlie played lead guitar and Kathy sang. Then, in the early morning of Sept. 27, 1997, the La Porte Police Department was called to the Hayes home by Charles' teenage daughter Tiffenie. When the officers arrived, they found Charlie sitting in a chair, his head covered with blood, with more spattered throughout the room. Kathy was found lying face down on the ground in the hallway with her head bashed in, dead at the scene. Charles was flown to a nearby hospital and died shortly after he arrived. There was no forced entry into the house and nothing had been stolen. The weapon, a claw hammer, was found lying in a nearby concrete culvert the next day. Their killer has never been found.



  • La Porte, Texas (September 27, 1997)


  • Charlie Hayes (35)
  • Kathy Hayes (37)


  • Craig Houser

Case Update

On January 30, 2014, Craig Houser was arrested on two counts of capital murder for the deaths of Charlie and Kathy Hayes. The first trial ended with a hung jury. Without the DNA or other new evidence, the district attorney's office is not willing to take the case back to court, prompting Judge Hazel Jones to formally dismiss the charges.

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