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Martin County
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Original airdate: October 29, 2017
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Edmonton
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A 2-Hour Special takes us to Florida, where a devoted mother disappears into the night after tucking her daughter into bed. Investigators chase down a trail of leads that include multiple suspects, culminating in a horrifying discovery.


  • Sheriff Wiliam Snyder (Martin County Sheriff's Department)
  • Lieutenant Mike Dougherty (Martin County Sheriff's Department)
  • Detective Michael Oliver (Martin County Sheriff's Department)
  • Detective Sergeant Yesenia Carde (Martin County Sheriff's Department)
  • Detective Dan Dulac (Martin County Sheriff's Department)
  • Detective Eric Emser (Raleigh Police)
  • Detective Stephen Snowden (Raleigh Police)
  • Tom Bakkedahl (Martin County State Attorney)
  • David Todd (Tricia's Dad)
  • Rebecca Hasselbach (Tricia's Mother)
  • Jonathan Todd (Tricia's Brother)


  • Martin County, Florida (April 27, 2016)


  • Tricia Gale Todd (30)


  • Steven Williams - sentenced to 35 years in prison for killing his ex-wife.

Case Update

Steven Williams is currently serving his 35 year sentence for murder and child neglect at Wakulla Correctional Institute in Crawfordville, Florida.

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