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Unnatural Causes
Season: 6
Episode: 4
Original airdate: July 31, 2021
Episode chronology
Previous episode: A Touch of Evidence
Next episode: An Officer's Promise


In Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, Kelly and Steve Spingola investigate the strange case of a man who appeared to have died from natural causes. But when his cremation revealed a bullet in his body, his death became a murder investigation. Is it too late to crack the case?


  • Kelly Siegler as Prosecutor Kelly Siegler
  • Steve Spingola as Homicide Investigator Steve Spingola
  • Sheriff James Lujan (Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Office)
  • Deputy Sheriff Paul Colombe (Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Office)
  • Deputy Sheriff George Martinez (Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Office)
  • Kathryn Pinneri, M.D. (Forensic Pathologist)
  • Chris Robinson (Ballistics Expert)
  • Valerie Trujillo (Harold's Daughter)
  • Harold Vigil Jr. (Harold's Son)
  • Rebecca Vigil (Harold's Daughter-In-Law)
  • Gladys Faye Montoya (Harold's Girlfriend)
  • Aldono War (Harold's Friend)
  • Arnold Padilla (Harold's Friend)
  • James Salazar (Harold's Friend)
  • Fabian Padilla (Witness)
  • Peter Valdez (Witness)
  • Arnold "Red" Garcia (Harold's Friend)
  • Velma Gonzalez (Family Member)
  • Claudine Holt Chavez (David Vigil's Niece)


  • Rio Arriba County, New Mexico (July 1, 2016)


  • Harold Vigil (63)


  • David Vigil

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